how clean is clean?

to how clean are your parts


made in Florence

Clean-Bay in synthesis

CLEAN-BAY® is a modular unit to be configured according to the functions and requirements really necessary, avoiding excess or inadequate functions without the risk of losing the initial investment due to unexpected future needs.

Condition of test

  • 1-3 micron controlled ambient with illumination
  • Test procedure guided by the software via an easy-to-read "touch screen" operator interface
  • Maximum of flexibility for the use of diversified methods and liquids
  • Test Data are saved on a memory card or printed


  • Extraction of contaminants by
       - Agitation
       - Spray
       - Ultrasonic's
       - Simulation of use
  • Selective transfer on membranes with up to three different levels of porosities for an immediate visual analysis
  • Drying of membranes
  • Validation of the test liquid
  • Analysis of particles by weight, counting and measuring can be integrated into the system


  • Determination of cleanliness - particles and organic
  • Absolute or comparative tests on parts of different dimensions and shapes
  • Validation and evaluation of cleaning processes

Fields of application

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Hydraulic and fluids
  • Precision mechanic
  • Wherever detection and analysis of contaminants is requested
ISO Standards for cleanliness

50x magnitude view of particles on the membrane

for gravimetric and microscope analysis

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