how clean is clean?

t o  k n o w  h o w  c l e a n  a r e  y o u r  p a r t s

What is Clean-Bay?


Clean-Bay® is a complete, integrated system to give an answer to the long-standing question "how clean is clean?"

With Clean-Bay the operation can be done outside of the laboratory and by non specialists. Clean-Bay® is a small laboratory by which people from production can make cleanliness tests at the desired level: to have a complete analysis of contaminats or just to know if the level of cleanliness is acceptable or not, leaving it to the lab to carry out a deeper analysis of all details.

Clean-Bay ® is simple to use, practical  and operator friendly, ensuring reliability of the tests, even outside the laboratory. The operator is guided  through the test step by step and data are recorded. The test can therefore be reproduced and compared.

The extraction of residual contaminants from mechanical parts is carried out according to the Standards ISO18413 or ISO 16232 and the method is selected according to the part to be tested.

The system is highly innovative enabling the operator to work in the operative ambient, guided by a software via an easy-to-read interface with the final verification of data, printed or saved on a memory card.

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The software guides the operator through all phases of the test

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